What Breast Surgery Is Right For You?

Having breasts you are proud of is something every woman wants and deserves. While no two breasts are the same, being comfortable with your own breasts can affect your confidence, lifestyle, fashion choices, bedroom behaviour and almost every part of your life. Whether yours are too small, too big, too droopy, different sizes, different shapes or not there at all, breast surgery to give you the breasts you want can change your life.

Dr Bill Lyon is experienced in all breast surgeries and says it’s essential you communicate your breast goals with your surgeon and make sure they understand exactly what it is you want before going ahead with any surgery. You may even want to take in pictures of your ideal breasts to your consultation so you are specific about what you want. Keep in mind that you need to have realistic expectations and Dr Lyon says it’s sometimes up to the surgeon to advise the patient on what is and is not achievable.


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure around the world (behind the tummy tuck). There are many things to consider before having a breast augmentation including size, shape, placement of implants (under or over the muscle), texture of implants (smooth, textured, etc.) where the scars will be located. All of these things should be discussed with your surgeon before you undergo the procedure and Dr Lyon says it’s essential to ensure the patient understands all aspects of the surgery, including the essential post-surgery recovery time.


Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can be one of the most emotional breast surgery procedures. Any woman with oversized breasts will understand the problems and issues it can bring. Most women who have breast reductions will have been teenage girls who’ve had to put up with unwanted attention because of the size of their breasts, not to mention the pain and suffering it can bring such as neck and shoulder pain, chafing, inability to find clothes to fit. A breast reduction often also involves having a breast lift and nipple/areola reconstruction (to move them to a more aesthetically pleasing position on the breast after it has had the reduction).


Breast Lift

A breast lift is often included as part of a breast augmentation with implants, but sometimes a breast lift is all that is required for a woman to get the breasts she wants. Often, women who have breastfed children, or have breasts droopy and sagging from age, will want a breast lift, to move their breasts back up into a more youthful or perky position.

Breast Removal and/or Replacement

Many women need to have their breast implants removed and replaced, whether it’s from implant rupture or capsular contracture, a change of heart with regards to shape and or size, or because having implants no longer suits the patient’s lifestyle.

Regardless of what breast surgery you are planning for, you need to ensure you and your surgeon are on the same page when it comes to the results you are hoping for. Dr Bill Lyon says patient-surgeon communication can mean all the difference when it comes to getting the results you want.

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