Breast Augmentation with Implants


Breast augmentation with implants is the most common elective surgery in the world. Many patients have the surgery for cosmetic reasons, usually to increase the size or change the shape and size of the breast. Many women also have a breast augmentation with implants as a reconstructive surgery after having a mastectomy – the removal of the breast due to breast cancer (or some women today are even removing their breasts before they get cancer if there is a history of breast cancer in their family).



There are two types of breast implants – silicone and saline filled. However there are many different shapes and sizes of each to choose from, ie. round or teardrop, as well as the surface type, ie. smooth, textured or polyurethane (fuzzy / Brazilian). You should discuss your goals with your surgeon so you can best identify which size and shape is going to suit you best.



Different sizes and shapes suit different women and their different lifestyles, but ultimately it’s about what you want. Communicating your boob dreams to your surgeon is extremely important as that will determine what you end up with. Dr Lyon may give you advice on what size, shape and type he thinks will suit what you hope to achieve, as well as identify what is actually possible – keep in mind that if you have naturally tiny or non-existent breasts, it is unlikely you’ll be able to go straight to giant DD boobs – you’re skin will need time to stretch and adjust to the implants. Dr Lyon will discuss some realistic goals with you at your consultation.


Breast implants are either placed under or over your chest muscles – which is right for you should be discussed with Dr Lyon. You should also discuss with him where your scars will be – different surgeons have different techniques.


Breast augmentation and implant surgery risks and complications are rare however may include haematoma, infection, capsular contracture, malposition or rupture. Recently there has been increased attention regarding a lymphoma associated with breast implants. All these potential risks should be addressed by your surgeon at your initial consultation.


Your new breasts after a breast augmentation with implants will take a few months before they start to look and feel more natural and to show the final result. During the initial days, weeks and even months after your breast augmentation with implants there is usually swelling and bruising, along with scar healing, so you need to be patient.


As breast augmentation is performed so frequently, many patients take a casual approach to getting a breast augmentation.  Breast augmentation should be thought of as an investment. Thoughtful planning and meticulous execution of the first operation is the best chance for an excellent, long-lasting result.

TGA Approved Breast Implants

Important Note:

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’