Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants FAQ

Patients often take a very casual approach to breast augmentation as it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed. It is incredibly important that each procedure is individualised, with concise thoughtful planning and meticulous execution. Getting this correct is the best way to an excellent long term outcome.


Dr Lyon excels in understanding your wants and wishes and helping to deliver this in the best way for you.

Important Note:

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’

Questions commonly asked with Breast Augmentation with Implants


Where are the incision, (cuts) placed?

There are three common places for the skin to be opened to allow creation of the space for the implant and its introduction
1) In the crease under the breast (most commonly utilised in Australia)
2) In a half circle on the lower edge of the areolar
3) In the axilla


Does Dr Lyon use all of these for Breast Implant Surgery?

Dr Lyon will commonly use the first two sites and will discuss each with you and together decide what is a better approach for you


Where do Breast Implants sit
Dr Lyon will discuss with you the most appropriate place for your implants to sit, whether this is only under the breast or under the breast and the chest muscles.


What are the implants made from and where are they made?
The Breast Implants utilised by Dr Lyon are all made of a Silicone Shell with a silicone filling. They are made in Europe or the USA and meet Australian regulatory standards. Dr Lyon will discuss the different characteristics of each type of implant and together you can decide what is best for you.


Are there different shaped implants?
There are numerous shaped breast implants, Dr Lyon is an expert at dealing with all the different styles and shapes in both the anatomical and round ranges with all the different surfaces.


How long do breast Implants last?
This is a very good question and difficult to answer, we would expect most people will need to replace their implants at least once in their lives, however if there is no issue and they are being monitored regularly then Dr Lyon suggests not to replace them until there is a solid reason.


Are there risks with Breast Augmentation Surgery?
As with any surgical procedure there are always unforeseen issues that can arise.


They can be grouped into three main areas:


  1. Surgery associated risks such as
    Bleeding / Bruising
    Infection (of the wound and / or the breast implant)
    Scarring issues
    Sensation changes
  2. Implant related issues, the main being
    Implant rupture
    Contracture or hardening of the implant
    Movement or displacement of the implant
    Rippling of the surface or edges of the breast implant being visible or palpable
    Shape deformities such as “double bubble”
  3. Breast Implant related Lymphoma, this is a relatively uncommon recently discovered issue, that is associated with the way the body reacts to some implants. Dr Lyon will discuss this with you in greater detail when you see him.


Can you breast feed following a Breast Augmentation?
If you haven’t breast fed before then we don’t know if you will have issues with breast feeding, however breast implants shouldn’t affect this as they will be behind the breast and shouldn’t interfere with the glandular function.


What happens to my breast implants if I get pregnant?
If you get pregnant following Breast Augmentation your breasts will likely change in some way along with your body, we can’t predict how your body will return following the birth, and likewise with your breasts we don’t know what they will do following pregnancy with or without breast feeding.


Can I still undergo cancer screening for breast cancer following Breast Augmentation?
The breast implants sit completely behind the breast gland tissue and shouldn’t hide any of the tissue from routine ultrasound or mammography. However, it is important to tell the radiographer that you have breast implants and they will adapt the procedure slightly to account for them.